CSE helps agencies plan, implement and support data architecture

CSE develops business related technical solutions and mission aligned tools and reach back capabilities that improve and increase your organization’s output efficiently and cost effectively. CSE can support your organization in developing and delivering comprehensive work products that are necessary for a successful and maturing organization’s Data Management Program, customized to the needs, culture, and constraints of your organization.CSE has an established single point of accountability, employs a well-engineered, well-planned and articulated approach, ensures integration with your Business Architectures (performance, functional, organizational) and Technical Architecture of your organization, and supports your organization’s managed data as a valued asset to your agency.

CSE Enterprise Data Management Adapted Framework:

CSE uses functional abstraction perspectives to relate the elements of your organization’s Data Architecture to the down-stream life cycle phases most familiar to enterprise practitioners:

Data Foundation – view of elements that provide guidance and support for data activities.

Data Collection – view of elements that support data modeling and collection activities.

Data Distribution – view of elements that support data manipulation activities.

Data Internal – view of elements that support the storage and health of enterprise data.

Data Access – view of elements that support the access of data within the enterprise.

CSE Enterprise Data Management Offerings:

Data Governance and Strategic Planning
    • EDM Strategic Plan, CONOPS, Implementation Plan Data Management Policies
    • Data Management Outreach
    • Performance Measurement Strategy
    • Data Change Management
Enterprise Data Architecture and Integration
  • Baseline current architecture, Gap Analysis and Recommendations
  • Data Standards defined and monitored
  • Enterprise Data Architecture designed and monitored
  • Enterprise Data Models (CDM, LDM, PDM,…)
Program-wide Data Administration
  • Define, Implement and Monitor Data Exchange/Sharing/Transformation
  • Execute Data Standardization Procedures (e.g., Naming standards)
  • Capture and Manage Business Rules
  • Manage and Enforce Conceptual and logical Data Models
  • Discover, Define, Build and Manage Metadata Security and Privacy
  • Implementation
  • Data Quality Management (Audit, Recommend and Monitor)
  • Performance Scorecard, Measurement & Reporting

CSE Enterprise Data Management Work Products:

  • Performance Architecture (PRM)
  • Business Requirements Architecture (BRA) Data Reference Model (DRM)
  • Enterprise Data Architecture
    • Conceptual Data Model (CDM)
    • Logical Data Model (LDM)
    • Physical Data Model (PDM)
  • Metadata Management Strategy, Tools and Standard Practices
  • Data ETL Strategy, Implementation
  • EDM Governance Plan
  • Configuration/Change Management Plan
  • Configuration Management Reports
  • EDM/EDA Framework Document (Blueprint)
  • Privacy and Security Business Rules for Categories of Data Data Outreach (i.e. Training Plans)
  • Data Performance Measurement Strategy and Processes Data Services
  • Component for Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Data Quality Assurance Strategy and processes
  • Data Migration Strategy
  • Data CURE Strategy
  • Purging and Replication Strategy
  • Data Standardization (i.e. ISO, NIEM)
  • Data Cleansing and Profiling Plan
  • Authoritative Source Identification (Data Flow) EDM Artifact Inventory Repository
  • Enterprise Data Integration Component
Why CSE?

At CSE, we offer you an alternative to the status quo. We understand the relationship of complex data across disparate repositories. We have the skills and experience to link all of this information into a common operating picture. We can enhance your team and fill key needs with our solutions. CSE has CIO capabilities which include a range of services that enable effective CIO organizations. Our support services include governance, requirement and change management, enterprise architecture, strategic planning, as well as portfolio management and project management office (PMO) services.