Naval Architecture and Engineering

Weapon Systems


CSEngineering proudly provides support to the Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC), Ice Breaker, Buoy, and Construction Tender Product Line (IBCTPL), Engineering Branch. This branch is responsible for the management of Engineering and Logistics for all assigned assets. We provide logistics support services in the SFLC Engineering Branch for Electrical Engineering Services, Mechanical Engineering Services, Data Analyst Services and Asset Management Support.  


We support the IBCTPL with electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, asset management and data analysis for all assets assigned to the IBCTPL, including the MACKINAW WLBB, 225 WLB (Sea Going Buoy Tender), 175 WLM (Buoy Tender), 140 WTGB (Inland Icebreaker Tug / Bay), 100 WLI (Inland Tender), 65 WLI (Inland Tender), 100 WLIC (Inland Construction Tender), 160 WLIC (Inland Construction Tender), 75 WLIC (Inland Construction Tender), 65 WLR (Inland Tender), 75 WLR (Inland Tender), and 65 WYTL (Small Harbor Tug) cutter class Hull Mechanical &Electrical (HM&E) systems.


CSEngineering's System Managers provide the technical support capabilities for the naval engineering program to the CG-7 sponsor for surface assets. System Managers are responsible for developing, reviewing, and evaluating sustainment plans and performance standards for surface assets being delivered through major and non-major system acquisition procedures. System Managers work with the sponsor and other DCMS directorates on the Cutter Capital Asset Management Plan, cutter/boat aspects of the Capital Investment Plan, and the vessel configuration management process. Our team provides input for cutter/boat maintenance, crewing, training, and supportability. We also initiate, review, and evaluate program-related analyses. 

We provide technical support services for the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Office of Naval Engineering (CG-45). Our task areas include systems engineering, life-cycle engineering, cost estimating, and acquisition support for surface ship platforms under development and in sustainment. Additionally, we provide budget cycle support and class maintenance review conference coordination including travel and logistics planning, event facilitation, and post review reports. 

Time Compliant Technical Orders (TCTOs) and Systems

In the execution of all of USCG task orders and contracts, our team personnel have become fluent in administering and interfacing with multiple databases and systems related to preparing, maintaining, repairing and modifying specifications, with developing Time Compliant Technical Orders (TCTOs) and Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPCs) as appropriate to implement Engineering Changes.

It is our responsibility to redesign any part of a system as necessary, prescribe changes in materials used, or prescribe new calibration procedures for a wide variety of systems. This may include drafting contract specifications and preparing statements of work for engineering and technical services.

Our engineers navigate the Fleet Logistics System (FLS), Naval & Electronics Supply Support System (NESSS), Electronic Asset Logbook (EAL), and SFLC Central applications. We also interface with FEDLOG, Web-FLIS, MEARS, ACMS, Cognos and CG-LIMS.