Satellite Systems and Ground Systems



​Since 2002, CSEngineering has provided support to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) on numerous flight projects and programs. CSEngineering supports Project offices for in-house missions as well as contracted ones with complying with Goddard Procedural Requirements (GPR)-1410.2 and 400-Procedures and Guidelines (PG)-1410.2.1. We manage controlled documentation for hardware and software which encompasses documents, drawings, program code, work order authorizations, parts lists and other build documentation.  


Our experts design, develop, populate, and update Configuration Management Systems and perform analyses to support technical and engineering activities in compliance with GPR 1410.2 and 400-PG-1410.2. CSEngineering has extensive experience supporting the preparation, tracking and management of Configuration Control Requests (CCRs) and coordinating, recording, and documenting the activities of the Configuration Control Board (CCB) per CM policy and approved program/project configuration management plans. We also perform and support CM audits and external audits such as those verifying ISO compliance.

A partial list of projects CSE has provided support on include:​

  • JPSS

  • GOES-R

  • GPM

  • LDCM

  • MMS

  • SCaN/SN

  • SGSS

  • LRO


  • JWST

  • LandSat 9

Ground Systems

CSEngineering provides support to NASA's Space Communication and Navigation (SCaN) Program. SCaN provides communications services that are essential to the operations of NASA's space flight missions. The three networks, Deep Space Network (DSN), Near Earth Network (NEN) and Space Network (SN) provide support to over 100 NASA and non-NASA missions.

We also supported NOAA's development of a state-of-the-art ground system that receives data from the GOES-R series spacecraft and generates real-time data products. This was accomplished via a core set of functional elements (mission management, product generation, product distribution and enterprise management/infrastructure), an antenna system and a product access element.

Ground Systems

Weather Systems

CSEngineering provides meteorological and software engineering support to Raytheon’s service-oriented architecture for AWIPS – an environmental intelligence and geospatial visualization toolkit – which has increased stability, extendibility and accessibility of weather, water, and climate data for the NWS.

AWIPS reduces the transition time from research to operations and total-cost of ownership for undifferentiated IT services by providing consistent, collaborative and agile development throughout the system’s development life cycle. This helps keep focus on the current and emerging mission requirements, driving toward a fully-integrated, common operational platform. 

We are proud to support the AWIPS program with open-source software that enables low-cost maintenance, stability, and most importantly, continuous improvement to forecast accuracy and timeliness.