CSE helps federal agencies plan, implement and support solutions

From requirements development to quality assurance and ongoing maintenance, CSE delivers value-driven software solutions that support our customers’ unique program needs.

Reliability — When It Is Needed Most

CSE helps to plan, implement, and support solutions that meet our customer’s business objectives, minimize risk and achieve a high return on investment. Our services include the integration of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) applications; the design, development and deployment of custom applications; systems certification; and ongoing maintenance. Our customers can rely on CSE’s sustained track record of delivering high-quality software projects on time and on budget.

We integrate industry best practices and standards into every facet of the application lifecycle management process. Our developers, engineers and technicians use documented processes and procedures to help assure reliable, predictable delivery of client applications. We embrace Capability Maturity Model Integration® (CMMI) process standards and incorporate them into our development projects.

Throughout the life cycle, we apply stringent configuration management controls to maintain application integrity. We also conduct rigorous testing to work out bugs before deployment to reduce risk. These services help to assure quality implementation of mission-critical applications.

CSE lifecycle management solutions help assure the availability, accessibility and reliability of applications that customers utilize to improve the quality of patient care, reduce medical errors, protect public health, and enhance medical and scientific research.

Software Lifecycle Management Services

Our software lifecycle management services include:

  • Requirements analysis and planning
  • Application development
  • Mobile health applications
  • COTS integration
  • Configuration management
  • Testing
  • Independent verification and validation
  • Deployment
  • Systems certification
  • Maintenance
  • Project management