Weapon Systems and Missiles

Weapon Systems

Weapon Systems

CSEngineering provides integrated support for USAF air superiority missile and weapons. This includes Reliability Asset Monitoring / Tactical Munitions Reporting System (RAM/TMRS), Advanced Medium Range Air To Air Missiles (AMRAAM), AGM-88 High Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM), ADM-160B Miniature Air-Launched Decoy (MALD), Special Operations Forces / Personnel Rescue (SOF/PR) aircraft gun systems, aircraft gun systems and bomb rack / release systems, and small arms (ground weapons).


We also perform logistics, item management, administrative, engineering, equipment specialist responsibilities, program management, configuration management, financial management, LAN operations, information technology and maintenance, development and operation of missile system laboratories, operation of the HARM data collection system, database and information management support, and demilitarization processes. 

Missile Systems

CSEngineering is proud to support AFNWC by providing acquisition and sustainment logistics support for Air Logistics Cruise Missiles (ALCM), Conventional Air Logistics Cruise Missiles (CALCM), Bomber Weapons Integration Equipment (BWIE), and Functional Ground Test (FGT) programs, with emphasis on Support and Test Equipment.  

CSEngineering also supports AFLCMC with USAF air superiority missiles; including AGM-88 HARM, AIM-7 Sparrow missiles, AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles, ADM-160B MALD and AMRAAM. Also included are launchers, support equipment and field test sets such as the Guided Missile-Launcher Test Set (GM-LTS).